Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yay! it runs in the family!

Well I know I definitely got my "fine art" sensibilities from my mom, dad, and my grandmother, but dang! looks like there's someone else in the family with a creepy side! Ahh I'm happy!
My (second?) cousin Libby made this and she is also good at making these crazy knitted dolls. I totally dig them. Libby's like a teen, and she's making stuff like this. I was drawing penguins with jetpacks at her age. Sigh. She has expressed interest in engineering as well, which sort of fits the rest of her family (read silicon valley). I hope she can find a way to somehow fuse the two fields together or something. Cause you know, compared to engineering, art is so lucrative.

photo courtesy of cousin Susan Bertelson

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