Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here's my weekly question...

on another blog. I thought I would share it here too.
Supposing a disembodied voice were to say to you; "You are being transported to pre-existing fictional universe of your choosing. You will be given a universal translation device implanted discreetly in your ear, and an equivalent of ten thousand dollars of the local currency. While you won't personally know any of the protagonists, or antagonists of this fictional universe, they do exist in your time frame. Meeting said protagonists/antagonists would be like meeting Madonna, or Charles Manson. There's a possibility of this occurring, but it's highly unlikely. Working to your advantage though, is your knowledge of the workings of this fictional place. The universe of your choice can be from a book, movie, or television. Choose your destination now!"

Where would you go? What do you think you would do there? Keep in mind what the everyday situation of this universe you are choosing might be. Would living in that situation really be as amazing as your instant reaction says it would be? I think if I ever teach comic book writing again I would ask my students this.

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