Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to the opening for 20/21, which is an anniversary for the contemporary museum of Honolulu. Do you care? well maybe you should care more. Despite it seeming like some sort of ivory tower exclusive organization at the top of a mountain in Makiki (hoighty toighty district in Honolulu), The Contemporary Museum has been an arts advocate for twenty years now. YES, I AM BIASED. YOU WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT? GOOD, PLEASE DO SO.
Anyway, it was sort of an interesting idea for their twentieth anniversary show. They took artists who had participated in biennial shows, and asked them to select five Hawaii artists who deserve better exposure, and then sent those choices to be juried by some other folks. honestly, that's where I lost a little interest, I guess those people were important too, being that they were all unbiased and stuff. (hey, it's a small town here in Honolulu). Anyway, the artists were selected, and the show was curated, and you know what? it looks pretty damn good. I got to go and we brought the boys to the museum for the first time. To me, that was sort of intense. I talked to them about it, but i think they were distracted by all the new faces.

Image courtesy of ryan higa/the contemporary museum, Hawaii

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