Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's new. No, for reals.

So yeah. It's a New Year. 2009. Huge. Hope everyone is doing good. It's currently 2:39 am. Vaughn just puked on me big time. The kind where he's smiling afterwards, but I'm covered in liquid lunch. Jax has some kind of funny cry he's doing right now that reminds me of some childhood trauma to the point of making me want to take xanax. Isn't it always the way? I have several things I'm supposed to have drawn waiting for me to complete. It's horrible. Every second I get some free time, all I want to do is go vegetable mode. I'm sorry, Willie D tattoo dude! I swear I will get your designs done!
I hear this gets easier. Whatevs!
Ate an epic slow-cooked turkey dinner, and some how, that helps.

Working on a few other projects which will hopefully mean more entertaining Cade Roster brand products in the future. After all, I want it to be a household name!

Hey, speaking of advertising, big thanks to 808 scene zine for a nice article and pics! Much appreciated!

The point is, I went to Sally French's Wunderlust show at the Koa Gallery at KCC today. freakin' awesome work. If you don't go see this work and you live on Oahu, you're an asshole. It's great stuff, important stuff! Hopefully I can make it to her walk through of the show on Valentine's day.

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May said...

So the Sally French show didn't trigger the "Photoshopped to death" gag reflex? Yay. I'm going as soon as I get my work done. Hopefully before I die.