Thursday, November 27, 2008

Re; Speedpainting

When it comes right down to it, I really am one of those dudes that dwells on shit for quite a while both before and after I decide what I think about it. I don't know whether this is a good trait or bad. Basically, I stay inside my head too much. For a lot of reasons my head is a safe place to be so I don't say things that would be equivalent to taking a dump in someone's mouth. That's terrible. But often things go unsaid. That's a shame. The other day I was visiting Fugublowfish, and Mr. Pony was there. We were chatting and I was tired and frustrated with my lack of sleep, and they were discussing the trend of speedpainting on various different video sites. To be perfectly honest I was dismissive of speedpainting videos because for the most part they seem to be an ego trip played out in five minutes for the world to see(like 97% of most internet video) Mr. Pony mentioned that he liked them because he felt they were learning experiences. I noted this but remained steadfast in my dismissal.. I think we watched some asshole paint a bigger than life lion voltron mural on a wall or something, and it made me...angry.
Anyway, days later, I'm looking at the website of a concept artist I have come to admire, despite his somewhat predictable color and motif( Do all of us sci fi loving artists have to make everything dark, blue, brooding and slightly blurry?). And I saw he had a video posted, and I watched it and I have to say learned several really groovy photoshop techniques watching his video. So thank you Fugu and Pony for keeping open minds when I refused to do so. Sometimes it takes me longer I guess. I'll blame the boys for this lapse in tolerance. And thank you, Pao Yunsoo for teaching!

speedpaoting 2 from pao yunsoo on Vimeo.

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