Friday, August 15, 2008


So yeah, It's getting closer and closer to Roctober. It's getting crazier and crazier in the house. Sadly, (so very sadly) we are losing our EPIC houseguest Baci(who I nicknamed the Goblin and Leia nicknamed Batman) the cat to a more permanent and capable pet owner, but he was an awesome guest who made sure we were made aware of his digestive abilities, and that we were warm and furry every night.
The library has been stripped of books, the garage sale has come and gone. now comes the exciting demolition, construction, and painting phase of the creation of the babeh room and Leia's new office space in the house. plus I will finally be getting bookshelves in my computer area, which will make for nice easy reference and probably a lot less exercise running up and down the stairs. yay!

Other news of interest;

The biennial is being de-installed this weekend. thanks to everyone who checked it out and for all the nice things everyone said! I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and everyone at the museum rocked their socks making it a good atmosphere and an educational experience. Many thanks go out to the Installation crew for all their patience and late nights, Quala Lynn for the education, and walk/talks, and of course Inger for curating. Thanks to the other artists for being bad ass and interesting too!

I may be doing a show of my skateboard decks at the end of the year. It's still in discussion phase, but I am stoked!
I dunno what else is going on.
I started a group in for homeless robots! Yay!
and ummm oh...yeah Facebook. BLEAH.

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