Friday, June 20, 2008

Home from the...

Trip! So yeah, I'm a father to be. How crazy is that? I'm hoping to post some pics from the trip as I think I got some cool ones. More on that later. So by the way, Good stuff happening at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. or is it the Honolulu Academy of the Arts? Either Way, there is a new exhibition on the Asian American artist. It's called "One way or another" pretty slick stuff. It's all like, tradition turned on its head like none other than someone with the six thousand years of history piled upon them can do. Nice digs. It' a traveling show. From what I hear, once curator Michael Rooks pulled it from the ether and brought it to the Hawaii art scene, so kudos to him, ne?
Anyone who is actually paying attention to this should probably make their way to that show, and feel some Asian American art.
Man, I hope I'm not crying in the dark, here.

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