Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome to my stuff.

By now you might have guessed that I'm Cade Roster. Good. moving on, here's what's up with my junk.
I recently participated in the 2008 Biennial at the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu. Pretty fun. Do I have pics? yeah I have a few. One of the pieces I built for the show was a series of characters based off of a single mold. Not unlike the Munny/Dunny figures. I used a basic form with an anthropomorphic edge to it, for heightened cuteness. (Fig 1) I then took the basic form, made a silicon mold, and cast the form in several different materials including plastic(Fig 2) and resin.(Fig 3) I also pressed paper clay in there to see if it would work. Awesomely, it did.(Fig 4) These images are a few of the series that I did. I also made a larger scale installation piece based on characters that have been lurking in my head since about 2000a.d.(Fig 5)
So yeah, that was the art thats been on display so far this year. You can also check my flickr page for more pictures of my work. It might be easier than re-cataloguing everything here hehhe. If you click on the "picha picha" section on this page, it will take you to my photostream. Awfully damn convenient, no?
for more information regarding the Biennial you can always take a peek at the museum.
anyways, I will be posting more adventures as soon as I have them.

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